Truck Dispatching

Top Features

  • Al for dynamic and static route optimization.
  • Proprietary vehicle optimization & allocation engine.
  • Proprietary geocoding engine that cleanses and verifies addresses .
  • Allows & considers last-minute operational ad hoc & critical changes
  • Intelligent of fulfilment-hyperlocal, crowdsourced, 3PL, in-house logistics, etc.
  • Optimization across freight costs, time on road, distance on road, SLA compliance, etc.
  • Time definite deliveries.
  • Considers order/customer level prioritization and properties.
  • Rider/vehicle preference consideration.
  • Models fuzzy constrainst around operating hours, variability to SLA windows, breaks, overtime, overloading, etc.

Business Benefits

-Increase in consistency in transport planning, near zero human intervention.

-Increased in compliance to SOPs and global/local compliance rules.

-Efficiency in fulfilment operations-decreased freight costs, reduced planning time, environmental benefits, etc.

-Better costumer experience.

Route Monitoring

Top Features

  • Real-time tracking of fleet & workforce.
  • Real-time order & vehicle level ETA.
  • Planned vs executed compliance for vehicles.
  • Interactive dashboards for KPI monitoring.
  • Predictive alerts & insights.


Business Benefits

-End-to-end transparency in transport operations.

-Increased customer care efficiency.

-Lower issue resolution time.

-Stakeholder level KPI tracking and monitoring.