eGate connects container facilities with drivers to process truck arrivals dynamically in real-time.

Improve truck turnaround times

Features include:

-Paperless process

-Reduce queuing and waiting

-Automates truck arrivals and departures

-Seamless green lane gate-in with eGate


-Real time updates and notifications

  • Pickup pre-plan booking
  • Depot e-gate data
  • Export container details at gate out
  • EEIR
  • Warehouse e-Gate data
  • Collection pre-plan data
  • PPlanned for pick up
  • Terminal delivery data (sea/rail)
  • Warehouse e-Gate data
  • Collection pre-plan data
  • Depot e-gate data
  • Container damage status
  • ePOD

Notifications helps container facilities to manage truck arrivals and queuing via a truck appointment system that dynamically matches gate and yard capacity


Real time control of truck traffic to plan for capacity requirements


Quick turnaround time

Manage truck queuing and turnaround with gate and yard capacity



Pre-arrival trip validation and processing for approaching trucks


Improved Communication

Geofence technology and two-way communication with any truck approaching, or in, your facility

Automated Gate Process

Paperless and personless-electronically connect your booking and operating system


Asset Control

Improve asset utilization and yard safety with truck movement monitoring

Dynamic Reporting

Business intelligence for proactive operational planning