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Unfortunately, many system users still find it cumbersome to manage their pick-up and delivery operations in Cargowise One. This can be the case whether managing the process via their own / leased fleet of vehicles or via contracted transportation providers. Despite being the system most widely used globally by Freight Forwarders, in Mexico there are still certain functionalities that remain to be completely deployed or developed. So, in our local market, the management of ground transportation requires some manual intervention. Furthermore, the associated communication with transport companies can be very time consuming. For this reason, Innovalaciones has developed an interface with BIIS to complement the functionality of the CargoWise One transport module.

BIIS is a digital platform that helps shippers and carriers to optimize their ground cargo operations through technology in the cloud. BIIS functionalities include optimizing carrier selection against contracted rates, automated load tendering to carriers, shipment monitoring enroute and uploading proof of delivery (POD). Moreover, the system includes access to a Transportation MarketPlace, where shippers can access full truck load (FTL) ground freight transportation services at special rates that reflect market economies, thanks to advanced data analytics that identify backhaul opportunities and collaborative clusters among shippers for continuous use of carrier equipment.

By connecting CargoWise One to BIIS, our clients can obtain the advantages that both software offers, simplifying work and taking advantage of pricing opportunities only available in a transportation MarketPlace.

We invite you to contact your Innovalaciones consultant or send an email to to schedule a demo and to start optimizing your management of pick-up and deliveries via BIIS.