Manuel Aguirre, Ground Transportation Practice Lead… delivering systems solutions and consulting services  that empower freight forwarders, terminal operators and 3PLs 


At Innovalaciones, we’re always looking for the best logistics solutions that offer connectivity and compatibility with our clients' systems to improve day-to-day operations. That’s why we’ve developed a relationship with BIIS… 

BIIS is a digital platform that helps shippers and carriers connect and optimizes ground transport operations for cargo through cloud-based technology. The system includes tools for transportation management (TMS) as well as the collection of proof-of-delivery for shipments. Additionally, BIIS will facilitate our clients’ access to a Transportation MarketPlace where they can access carriers to secure transportation services using empty backhaul capacity or by creating continuous-moves, combining routes with those of other shippers. 

INNOVALACIONES provides system solutions and consulting services that empower Freight Forwarders, warehouse operators and 3PLs to increase efficiency and grow their business. As the leading CargoWise Service Partner in Latin America, we customize and configure the operating platform most used by freight forwarders as well as for Microlistics’ Warehouse Management System (WMS). Our interfaces from BIIS to those systems will extend control and improve pick-up and delivery operations for our clients. 

INNOVALACIONES manages IT projects in Mexico, the Caribbean and throughout Latin America. Contact us at to explore the power of BIIS when combined with the Microlistics and CargoWise systems.