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 Even today, there are freight forwarders that leverage CargoWise to administrate their freight forwarding operations who still manage their warehouse inventory with Excel or with the limited inventory controls of accounting suites. In those cases, taking advantage of the CargoWise Warehouse Module would be a fast way to become more efficient and productive. 

CargoWise has a robust and functional WMS which is capable of doing many things typical of a warehouse management system, with more functionality and better performance than any inventory control system. 

CargoWise inventory management has the ability to move inventory via PDAs, you can create special attributes per item, put-away and assortment rules by customer and by item, replenishment, automatic generation of charges and creation of invoices, back orders, crossdock, creation of kits, serial number tracking, and cycle count. 

The CargoWise WMS is much better than an inventory control system in any administrative accounting package, or even better than the inventory control of an ERP. This is because PDAs automatically apply specific rules per product and per customer, avoiding inventory misalignment and manual recapture of these movements later. 

With WiseTech tools for inventory control, a 3PL can start working with a small and simple operation, to become a large and complex logistics operator at an international level, automating processes to be more efficient and productive and to reduce operating costs. 

We invite you to use the WiseTech inventory control tool that best suits your needs, regardless of the level of operation you have in your warehouse, simple or complex.